Conservation of Indigenous fruit species at PGRC

Garcinia buchananii is one indigenous fruit tree species that is useful to the local communities, not only for food products (fruits) but it also provides medicinal properties for various ailments.

The tree species is very important because man and wild animals use all its parts. The roots and the bark are used for medicinal purposes and the fruits are eaten fresh. However, there is serious loss of Garcinia diversity due to poor harvesting methods for medicinal use and the influence of forest plantation development in Uganda.

The Plant Genetic Resources Centre has taken the initiative to collect Garcinia buchananii species in form of seedlings and fruits since 2003 for ex-situ conservation at Entebbe Botanic Gardens. The tree is now in fruit after 10 years.


Before collection                               Collecting Garcinia Fruits                                                                                                  



Garcinia planted in Entebbe Botanic Gardens     Garcinia planted in fruit after 10 years

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