Conservation and management of resources

Two approaches are employed to ensure proper conservation and management, namely; ex-situ and in-situ.  Ex-situ conservation entails collecting and assembling germplasm of target plant species either in a field collection such as a botanic garden or as seed under frozen conditions in a genebank.

Material is then subjected to sanitary, characterization and evaluation studies to generate information for enhancing their utilization in crop development/ improvement programs. Material is occasionally regenerated to ensure genetic integrity and to maximise its longevity.

The second approach (in-situ) promotes management of the resources where they naturally occur, and this is either on farms or natural habitats. It entails working with communities and other partners to enhance the appreciation of the importance of ensuring that PGRFA continue to be available for now and the future.


Community genebanking key to on-farm conservation
The Centre is engaged in sensitization of farmers and students on the management of plant genetic resources on farm. The Centre took on the challenge to educate and brief the participants on PGRC activities and their expected role in community conservation of biodiversity. Farmers have been empowered through establishment of community Genebank in Mubende-Mityana district and Kabohe- Bushenyi district to conserve their genetic diversity on-farm.


Success Stories

Conservation of Indigenous fruit species at PGRC

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